Hej! Tutaj Amelka. Dziś opiszę Wam swoje ulubione zwierzątko. 🙂

My favourite animal is a panda. It is very dangerous.

Where does it live?

A panda inhabits bamboo forests – it’s 1200-4100 m above sea level.  It lives in China in a very cold and wet climate. An adult panda usually lives alone. Padas settle around 5 km.

What does it eat?

A panda eats bamboo, leaves, fish and rodents.

What does it look like?

Its fur is white or yellowish with black  spots. The fur is also the protection against the cold. A panda has got small brown or black eyes and rund ears.

How does it behave?

Pandas roam around their territory very slowly while searching for  new bamboo shoots, just to save energy. Panda is the most active at dawn and at dusk.